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Men's Soccer - Fri, Sep. 14, 2012

Tonight the Men's Soccer team travels to take on Crown College.  The last time out Tennessee Temple Men's Soccer fell 8-0 to Southern Poly, the #2 team in the nation in the NAIA. The Crusaders fought well, but were eventually broken down by Southern Poly shortly before the end of the first half. The Crusaders created several chances of their own, but were unable to find the net. Striker Ezequiel Nunez was seen off the field by the trainer for Southern Poly due to a cut on his forehead that he incurred during the match. (Which he later received stitches for). It was a learning experience for the Crusaders, and they will look to excel the remainder of their season.  The coaching staff, as well as the players saw Tuesday's game as an opportunity to grow as a team, and an opportunity to play hard. The match proved to be a difficult one, but nevertheless the Crusaders are ready to move forward in their campaign and succeed this Friday against Crown College.