Crusaders News
Men's Basketball - Sat, Mar. 9, 2013

After winning the Mid-East Regional of the NCCAA, 1st year Head Coach Brac Brady  was named Mid-East Coach of the Year. He led the Crusaders to a record of 22-11, won the regionals, and received a berth to the National Tourney in Winona Lake, Ind. All this is a school's best since 2003 when Temple won its last National Championship.

Elliot Johnson has played in 13 games and the Crusaders haven't lost in their last 13 tries. And with this effort Elliot was name Mid-East Regional Player of the Year. This was voted on by the coaches of the Mid East prior to the tourney. Elliot Johnson is averaging 17 points a game and 13.8 rebounds a game.

Honorable mention: Rashaud Bell, Weedlens Beauvil, Hampton Mack, PJ Whittaker